Spider veins are caused by the dilation of a small group of vessels near the skin's surface. They often look like red, blue or purple lines, sunbursts or spider web patterns. Laser treatment is an option for removal of these vessels. These treatments are most effective for small and medium sized spider veins. Larger spider veins do not respond well and are best treated with sclerotherapy.

During laser spider vein treatment, the laser is placed on the skin directly over your spider veins. The flash of the laser light is absorbed by the veins. This treatment is associated with some discomfort, but does not require sedatives, pain medications, or injections of local anesthetic. Immediately following treatment, spider veins will be darker and more visible. Within two to six weeks, your spider veins usually fade. An average of three treatments may be required. Our physician may wish to start treatment of your veins with sclerotherapy, as all veins may be improved after injecting the larger ones. This may reduce the number of veins that need to be treated by laser, and minimize your overall cost.

Laser Spider Veins

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